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I was delighted by Sunday’s haul from the garden and my neighbors must be breathing a collective sigh of relief that my winter crop is almost over. Cabbage, hmm? It’s so last season! I can see it in their eye when they look at the broccoli I have left to flower for the bees and the delicious little yellow flowers (that add a subtle broccoli punch to the top of many a prima vera).  No matter!  Sunday I harvested the remaining Chioggia beets.  Two of  the 16 cabbages, most of the last few crowns of broccoli, some parsley and the first basil of summer!

Now, it is true that my plot is unnervingly horizontal compared to my fellow gardeners out at the farm…I got such a late start on winter crops, that put me behind on summer.  I was in full broccoli when most folks were planting their summer tomatoes, squash and beans.  Many of the plots have crazy tall corn, beans, and the biggest tomato plants I have ever seen.  My seedlings are starting to wake up and the plot is noticeably different every day.

I am experimenting with storage now that I have more produce than ever to process. I picked the broccoli Sunday, cut the stems and placed them in the bowl with water. Tonight, Wednesday, I grabbed a couple stalks to steam for the chicken-pasta, and it looked freshly picked. I have some in plastic with moist paper towels as well. They look good too (maybe a teeny bit rubbery), but I love to open the fridge and see all the options. Clean, hydrated and ready to go! I guess I get that from my days in the kitchen. The Sous-Chef would assign the vegetable walk-in to a different cook each week. Keeping it organized and the produce happy was part of the job. I see now how much easier it is to be inspired by the ingredients when they are almost calling – pick me, choose me, love me…


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Okay, daily is what I am striving for. A Daily Veg post seems to be ambitious, but I am sticking with the concept. The last few weeks of school felt more like the last few days on earth. There was so much to do and say and give and, and, and…we weren’t even graduating from anything! Oh well, I am back on the case and have much to talk about.

I grabbed a couple of cabbages from the family plot and I am about the go in and shred them up, toss them with dressing and place a nicely browned and expertly seasoned piece of lemony chicken on top. If I had other choices available to me…the protein topper might include: a nicely done salmon filet steamed with kaffir lime leaves, or a couple of skewers of jumbo prawns that had marinated in tequila, lime, mint and cilantro and garlic…

At any rate, the slaw would be shredded cabbage tossed with a dressing of 4 t rice wine vinegar, 1 t sesame oil, 1 t sugar, and a 1/4 c of sesame seeds. Do 30 minutes prior to serving to let the cabbage soften up a little. Crunchy and tangy, delish!

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