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The Plums

There are a lot of plums in my circle of farm friends right now. A lot. They are highly prized here in our neck of the woods, wash and devour.  The other day they were jumping off the tree, so ripe and abundant.  We picked up several pounds off the ground and felt the eyes of the local squirrels glowering as we worked. Because dessert makes an infrequent appearance at our house and baking seems a little silly when it’s 90 degrees, I was at a loss for an inspired plum recipe. In steps the Nancy Silverton plum compote over vanilla ice cream. She sautees with unsalted butter and sugar until soft, then adds cognac and almond extract. If I had cognac and almond extract it probably would have been even better than the delicious (!) results I had with just a little chambord. So simple, yet so amazing!  The next day, leftover compote cried out to be pureed. I broke out my newly rediscovered food mill, it is my new favorite kitchen go-to implement, and got to work.  The plum compote became a really nice smooth and even more interesting (flavors coming together nicely over night) plum coulis in mere seconds. Plum sauce, toasted almonds, banana and vanilla ice cream might be one of the best summer desserts ever! Back into the fridge and the rest of the week it filled the bill for jelly in the PB & Js that went to baseball camp. The kids really noticed the difference and enjoyed that we made the fruit spread ourselves. One little basket of plums had a stellar week in the kitchen, on our table and in the lunch box.


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