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Thanksgiving Wrap

It’s been weeks since turkey day and years since I took that cooking holiday off. This year was spent getting queasy from too much roller coaster not too much vino. Because of that and the fact that my oven went out on the day of my last dinner party, I had two big turkeys in the fridge. I had to cook them on top of the stove. And I am a new huge fan of the turkey stock. There is a lot of turkey in the store freezers and I suggest buying one or two! I carved the thing up, put the legs and wings in one pot and continued to carved the breasts off and split the carcass for the other pot.

I am so enamored by the results, I have to share! Breasts can be set aside for roulade. Once the legs are cooked pull them out to cool. I let the stock reduce by half then married the two pots. Let cook down a bit more and then strain in a big colander, smashing the veggies and bones to get out all the flavor.

While the stock is cooling down a bit, shred up the chicken legs and place in to three or four quart containers, pour the stock over let cool completely before putting in the fridge. What comes out is pure gold! It’s like a 50’s style chunky aspic…

Sautee some vegetables and put in a few scoops of the turkey jelly and voila a delish dish to put over rice or pasta! Add some beans and make a hearty soup. A 20 minute supper with layers of flavor, thanks to your prep. It’s a terrific way to get ahead of the weekday dinner dilemma.

Next, the remaining breasts become an 80’s favorite the poached poultry roulade. Just super!


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