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It’s official, the headless broccoli was nibbled. Now there is another casualty. I am thinking about a chain mail hairnet. Some kind of mesh to go over the crown and give it room to grow…I don’t care if they eat the leaves…I don’t like the idea of a fence…but that might ultimately be the best solution!


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broccoli-baby-1-of-50Last year the winter garden got a really late start. This year 60 broccoli starts went in to the ground late October…well let me tell you, they are huge! I counted 50, 4 inch broccoli crowns, 9 are coming along and one mysteriously headless plant. Something got to it…just don’t know what or how many more are in peril!

Swiss Chard is the garden…for days! Anyone?? I need to make it to a swap with the Wrigley Chalkboard Co-Op people!! I love the blogs of Sasha and Adrianna…they are true urban farmers. Check out the Adrianna’s Victory Home Garden site…she has a post on there about the must have and long coveted soil block maker…check it out!

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